SOS Serum

Sale price$24.99

The Serum that put iHeal on the map in regards to scar and wound therapy.  Made with all natural essential oils, this serum has a cooling menthol effect to help calm any external inflammation while reducing pain.

Use of the serum as soon as the protective scab starts, helps to facilitate and nourish the new skin while helping to regenerate new skin cells, without leaving scarring.  When used to old scars, the serum will penetrate the skin and repair the skin from the inside out, diminishing the appearance of old scars.

Ideal for those embarking on a cosmetic journey, those from suffer from diabetic cuts, mild scrapes/bruises, and first and second-degree burn wounds; for third-degree burns this serum can be applied as soon as your surgeon approves scar therapy.

Intentionally made with love and healing, iHeal SOS serum is the perfect staple for one's medicine cabinet. 

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