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About Us

iHealSX was born on the day co-founder, Seychelles Doyley, watched her mother suffer a heart attack, right in front of her. Seeing her mother go through a quadruple bypass, endure consuming twenty-plus pills a day, and struggling post-surgery, Seychelles became obsessed with starting a new career as an herbalist and post-surgical care provider. While studying for her Tri-Doctorate in herbal medicine,

Seychelles felt she had found her life's passion. Each product iHealSX creates and promotes curated with an intention toward love and healing.


"Only in a healthy body can one have a healthy mind."

Seychelles Doyley



Seychelles Doyley, Co-founder

Seychelles Doyley has been working since she was eleven years old. Hard work has never intimated her. From launching that original paper route to having her son at the age of 19—while working and putting herself through school—on receiving her doctorate and spearheading iHealSX in May of 2018, she has endured many long nights and more than her fair share of early mornings. But she feels that living out

her life's passion and helping others live their healthiest lives make the struggle worth it.

Michael Doyley, Co-founder

Michael Doyley has always believed in his wife's incredible ability to help and heal people. His support for Seychelles' vision has been crucial in making this dream happen. iHealSX was born out of his guidance, research, and desire to live in a healthier, happier world.