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About Us

Love on 26 AKA iHealSX is a one stop shop with your health first and foremost in mind!

iHealSX is home to your natural resources with your health in mind. We carry a robust selection of natural products that are handmade with you the consumer in mind!

From General and Herbal supplements, Herbal Teas, Beauty - Skin Care & more.

Our products are sourced from natural sources around the world and are handpicked specifically for their medicinal purposes. With that in mind we create products that help the mind, body and soul.

We also carry a broad range of post-operative supplies for those traveling for outpatient procedures. From health supplements, cleanses, & post-op garments/accessories.

Let us help you take back control of your health!

A healthy mind, fuels a healthy body, which in turns feeds the soul.

Welcome to iHealSX an experience!