iHeal 3 Step Facial Cleansing System | 3 fl oz Set | Foaming Face Wash, Toner, & Moisturizer | Moisturizing & Hydrating

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Did you know that like our bodies need certain vitamins to be healthy, that our skin, particularly our face also requires vitamins to retain it's natural dewy glow?

Our 3 Step Face Care System was designed for those that are looking for a skincare regime that won't fail them.  Each product is full of essential oils & extracts picked for their medicinal and healing properties. 

All natural and sourced from the best organic sources, our products are intentionally made to help you reclaim your inner beauty, while glowing on the outside.

The system includes:

Black Soap Foaming Cleanser

The first step in the system.

Black soap can be harsh for some skin types, mine included.  I couldn't deny the healing effect it was having on my skin, so we at iHealSX decided to rewrite the formula, making it inclusive for any and all skin types.

With the addition of some powerful extracts and some essential oils, we formulated a soap that will have you staring in the mirror daily - astonished, at how good your skin looks!  

It's not an overnight thing.  All of the additives need time to word their medicinal magic.  Remember the old adage "Good things come to those who wait"?  Well "Good skin comes to the one who follows through for at least 90 days!"

Hydrating Toner

The second step in any face regime, is the toner one decides to use. Toners are the pivotal steps needed to ensure that your pores are closed after washing, exfoliating and steaming.  The ingredients are even more important because they determine if they will actually nourish or dry the face out.

iHealSX Moisturizing Toner is chock full of Vitamin C, Rose Water and Frankincense Oil.  Three powerhouses that will have your skin looking supple and tight like you're 16 years old again!  Not to mention daily use will remove any white/blackheads in the skin, without you having to extract, which is known to leave marks and scarring.

Face Moisturizer w/Dragon's Blood

Step 3, the cherry on top.  Our shea based face cream moisturizer serves as the protective barrier, especially for the Winter months.  The harshness of the environment zaps our natural glow, and can be drying to the skin. 

The butters, oils and sap/resin of Dragon's Blood is a bloody clay mixture that will restore and moisturize your face, while the restorative properties work below the surface, creating collagen, and calming inflammation from acne and breakouts. \

Best used before applying makeup primer - you will notice how moisturized and light your skin will feel without feeling oily.


Beautie re-up - (1 oz ) face wash, (1 oz) toner

Beautie Bundle - 1 oz face wash, toner and face moisturizer

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