About Us

Our why...

iHealSX was born from me watching my mother consume over 20 different pills daily, due to the many health issues that she suffers from.

My mother was my first "patient" on this journey as I watched her girlish body transform almost overnight from the medicine she was consuming daily.

Since her immune system is compromised, now add in the daily pharmaceutical medicines, and poor eating habits; I've watched the woman, whom i get my strength from, body slowly break down.

My mothers body has become so dependent on the meds & trying to convince her to try alternate methods proves daunting. Just imagine a 70 year old Jamaican women doing something she doesn't want to 😂😂😩😂

🌊 My godmother who is a Jamaican woman from “country” was my first teacher in becoming holistic. I would always remember her going in her garden and cutting some bush or in her robust spice cabinet. She would grab that piston and mortar and grind up some herbs or spice and would always be mixing and storing "something"!

🌊 Present day I, Seychelles, co-owner of iHealSX am walking in my purpose by completing a Tri-Doctorate in Herbalism, Naturopathy and Spiritual Medicine. I was always that friend that watched what I eat, I was regular in cleansing my body and not to mention I was very active when I was younger.

Holistic living has been my life and I want to be able to show you that it is never too late to be able to take your health and beauty back!

The purpose for our community of beauties is to show you just how to do that! Especially if you are embarking on a plastics/cosmetic journey. We want you to love both your perfections and most importantly your imperfections within your body.

- iHealSX