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Advanced Probiotic



Many people ask what is the importance of taking a probiotic during and after a cleanse.

My answer is simply: To replace what the cleanse removed.  Cleanses don’t discriminate, they take out both good and bad.

Whether you are consuming our iCleanse 15 Herbal Blend, Pysllium Husk, Bentonite Clay or Epsom Salt; with the toxins goes the good bacteria.

Our gut is thrown more out of whack during a cleanse for a few reasons:

  1. The body has been thriving on toxins for god knows how long so when you remove them the gut is confused.

  2. This in turns creates a bacterial imbalance in the GI tract.

There are millions of different microorganisms and bacteria that work together in our gut an dis crucial to the overall health of our body! This bacteria is crucial to the overall health of our body.

When there is an imbalance you start to have cravings, feel sluggish, sick and imbalanced. So now its time to take back control of your gut and health!

Consuming a good probiotic daily will help keep the gut health balanced, especially after a good cleanse!