Why You Should Use Lumbar Boards after Lipo/BBL Surgery

There are two types of lumbar molders and both give you different effects in terms of using them in my opinion. There is a long and a short one. 

The long one has a tail that sits right on your tailbone which helps to mold the arch in your lower back. 

The short one helps to create the cute dimple in the small of your back.

There are mixed reviews out there but the preference seems to favor the small one. The major complaint with the long one is that it moves out of place often. 

The use of Lumbar Boards are essential to help compress any fluid that may accumulate after aggressive lipo or a Brazilian butt-lift.

There have been instances where some dolls have used both to achieve the results they are looking for. 

When it comes to compression you have to find creative ways to compress for the shape you are trying to achieve. 

To Poise to or not to poise!

Poise pads help to facilitate added compression when added to your regimen. They are also placed in areas within the faja to help compress areas that are not getting the required compression.

Can’t decide? Purchase both the large and small lumbar board here.

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