The Importance of Lipo Foams Post Op

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In our last article, we broke down some Faja A.k.A. Compression Garments basics. From what we have seen in the SX community there are a lot of people that don’t seem to get why certain items are needed when wearing your garment. The importance of Lipo Foams post-op is one of them.

As we all know each surgeon has their own set of post-op rules, I mean technically they know how they have sculpted you. Some believe in compression garments and some believe in binders. Some believe in foams and some believe you don’t need it.

I say all of that to say the Dr. doesn’t always know what’s best. 

When wearing your compression garment especially after liposuction and/or fat transfer it is important to reduce as much space in between the skin and where the fat was just lipoed from so as to not create seroma or hematoma pockets. 

So Whats the Big Deal?

Foams help to create a soft, steady and even compression in the abdomen area. Remember when I told you in the Faja Basics 101 article that the skin is like putty after surgery? Well, the foam sheets when compressed with the board and faja, gently push the skin inwards to help it attach itself back to the muscle.

There are other options if you are not a fan of the foam sheets such as the 360 lipo foam.

It’s one piece that literally wraps around your torso to give you even compression that’s attached with velcro.

The only downside to wearing a 360 lipo foam is that as you shrink the wrap-around foam does not shrink with you.

Wearing lipo foams post op is a very important step and the condition of your skin will determine how it will retract. Improper use of foams and compression can lead to severe cases of fibrosis, that will not only delay healing but put a serious dent in your pocket with massages.

Most cases of fibrosis happen because:

  1. Over-compression too early in recovery
  2. Lack of massages
  3. Uneven compression
  4. Ill fitted garment

All foams are not the same. Some are thin and flimsy. Some are strong and durable. WHAT I WILL SAY!!! They are not made to be washed, furthermore, the material they are made of will actually disintegrate in the washer and can potentially be a breeding grown for bacteria to grow.

It’s not to say that they won’t get fluid and blood on them. They are that inexpensive to actually replace at least once throughout your journey.

Don’t be the penny wise and pound foolish. Your post-op habits contribute to your overall health when recovering and taking certain precautions reduces your risk of infection.

Haven’t purchased your compression items…don’t worry you know we got you 😉

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