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Full Body Cleanse Kit

Our gut is where most diseases begin and end. When the digestive is out of balance, it becomes the perfect breeding ground for diseases. iHeal Full Body Cleanse Kit safely cleanses and scrubs the intestines and walls while eliminating built up waste that tends to sit in the gut, becoming the perfect breeding ground for fungus, candida, bacteria, worms, and more.

If you have experienced any stubborn weight gain, feeling fatigued, noticed improper bowel movement, experienced sudden and repetitive breakouts; that’s indicative that you need a full cleanse and need to include a probiotic into your diet. breakouts; that’s indicative that you need a full cleanse and need to include a probiotc into your diet.

This hand-selected kit consists of the following unless otherwise noted:

15 Day Herbal Cleanse

Lack of fiber, fatty and greasy foods, sugary drinks all add up and pile on the weight that leaves us gassy, bloated, and uneasy. Compound the number of years that your lifestyle hasn’t changed and you find yourself irritable, fatigued, brain fog, and eating non-stop.

What if I told you that's the bodies way of telling you its overloaded in toxins?

The herbs in our 15 Day cleanse act as a natural scrub brush for the intestines and colon. Liquifying the fats in the body, scrubbing the walls of the intestines, and removing built-up waste and toxins. Helping you to shed up to 15-20 lbs. of waste product.

After completing this cleanse the body is now better able to absorb any supplements that you consume to improve your overall health. One last thing, this 15 day cleanse can also be used in place of a laxative and you will see quicker results when using our brand compared to the OTC options.

iHeal Probiotic

When you consume any type of cleansing especially one for the intestines and colon, it's important to remember that a cleanse does not discriminate between good and bad bacteria. The importance of adding a probiotic to one's daily regimen is crucial in optimal gut health.

Probiotics were created because we as humans don’t consume enough live probiotics to maintain good gut health. Add in processed foods and other things that wreak havoc on your gut and soon you find yourself dealing with all types of gut issues.

The use of a daily probiotic not only balances gut health, but it also keeps your bowel movements regular, it helps to fight against certain strains of infections, and can be used as a tool for weight loss.

iHeal Vitamin Defense

Many Americans suffer from vitamin deficiencies and don’t realize the importance of certain vitamins until they are laying in a hospital bed. Who wants to deal with a cumbersome pillbox daily, while trying to remember if you added all the right pills in.

We heard the complaints and listened by formulating a daily multivitamin that is chock full of vitamins A, B-Complex, C, D3, Folic Acid, Biotin, Iron, Iodine, Zinc, Magnesium, and Niacin.

Getting more than your daily value required you will notice an increase in energy, iron levels, and mental clarity.

This formula is ideal for individuals going through cosmetic surgery, WLS, VSG patients, or anyone seeking better overall health.

This formula helps to repair cells on a cellular level while building collagen.

*Please note, this formula contains vitamin E and must not be consumed two-weeks before cosmetic surgery. But should be resumed immediately out of recovery following surgery.