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I’m Jiggling Baby (BA/BL) Beautie Box


You fall in either one of three categories;

  1. You can wear all the cute shirts.
  2. You have to buy your shirts a size bigger or
  3. My back hurts and no cute bras come in my size.

    Whether you are getting a lift, reduction, implants or fat transfer this procedure is overlooked in matters of recovery and comfortability. Outside of trusting the surgeon the products needed for aftercare must be thought of in the same manner.

    You will be limited in movement and with that in mind we constructed this Jiggling Baby beautie box to cater to your limited mobility with the following products:

    • SOS Serum - Needed for scar therapy as soon as you start scabbing
    • Zip Up Robe - Your arm bone is connected to your breast bone, remember that jingle every time you have to get dressed
    • One pair of compression socks (15 - 30 mmHg) -Very important to wear post op, We don’t want you to develop an PE

    • 1 x Post Op Bra - Did you go up or down in size, regardless of which the girls have to sit securely for the first couple of months
    • ABD Pads/Paper Tape - You will leak like a loud faucet at night…these absorb more than poise pads
    • 1 x Multivitamin - The body needs to heal and this multi will help with the healing process
    • iHeal Probiotic - Hopefully you read the instruction card and protected your gut before surgery, plus they lower your rate of infection.
    • 2oz iHealOG Body Butter - Helps calm inflammation, pain and is beneficial for post op massages, you are massaging the girls right?