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I belIeve I was one of the fIrst customers to sample to black soap facIal cleanse wIth the moIsturIzer. I’ve always had problematIc skIn so I was a bIt skeptIc because nothIng had ever really worked.  After InquIrIng about the benefIts of the IngredIents, I decIded to use them both daIly wIth fIdelIty. I was pleasantly surprIsed at the results I’ve seen wIthIn only a few months. My skIn looks vIbrant, breakouts have lessened, and blemIshes are fadIng away. neIther product Is harsh In my sensItIve skIn or have an unpleasant smell. An added bonus Is that the moIsturIzer Is lIght and doesn’t Impact the fInIsh of my makeup. I’m a belIever now and a customer for lIfe!

StephanIe T. – AprIl 9, 2020

I loved the cbd oil. it is a miracle worker. I live pain free ever since I bought this lovely product. No more back pain not to mention swelling and inflammation is non exsistant. It really helped me  a lot with my inflammation. I was so swollen from my back due to muscle spasm and the cbd oil worked wonders. thank you ihealsx and everyone affiliated you guys are the best. customer service a

Lizett.A – December 4, 2018

The cbd body butter is an awesome product that can be used prior to doing a massage to help with the pain. It literally

Lynorametoyer – December 4, 2018