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Stage 2 Ref 454 - High Compression


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With every procedure you have, shape wear AKA Faja’s help to enhance and mold you after your surgeon works his magic.

For those having a BBL its important to find an affordable garment that can mold you without compressing your new hips (if you opted for them) or your newly transferred peach.

Our line of CYSM Faja’s are Colombian made that are made of a lightweight material that has anti-bacterial properties.

The buttock area is made of a stretch mesh that comfortably hugs the outer circumference to ensure that your newly transferred fat is not compromised, yet protected during recovery.

    Stage 2 Ref 454 - High compression

    • This garment is for Liposuction, BBL and Tummy Tuck.
    • High compression
    • 3 Hook closure
    • Open Crotch area
    • Bra strap
    • Worn 4-12 weeks (depending on healing progress)
    • Below Knee length