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OG Peach Deluxe Beautie Box

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Williams, Dowbak, Sampson, Chang…which Dr. is sending you back with a bang and most importantly with a peach worth bragging about?

With BBL surgeries on the rise going from store to store can be tiresome when you have other things to worry about like, labs…losing the last 15 pounds or for some gaining 20 to make sure you have enough liquid gold CC’s to stuff that body ody -ody -ody!

This OG Peach Deluxe Beautie Box comes packed with everything you need. No need to worry about over or under packing. This kit contains the following unless otherwise noted:

  • SOS Serum - Needed for scar therapy as soon as you start scabbing
  • iHeal Probiotic - Hopefully you read the instruction card and protected your gut before surgery
  • 4oz iHealOG Body Butter - Helps calm inflammation, pain, and is beneficial for post op massages, how high is your pain tolerance?
  • 6oz Pouch of iHeal Inflammation Herbal Tea Blend - You will pee but know that every time you do, fluid is coming off the new body
  • 2 x Bottles of Hydrogen Peroxide - Not for wounds, this will get all that fluid and blood out of Faja
  • Bottle of Saline Wash - Now this is for your wounds

  • One pair of compression socks (15 - 30 mmHg) -Very important to wear post op, We don’t want you to develop an PE

  • One M&D foam padded board -Foam padded or M&D options

  • S/L Lumbar Board - You need both, even though the large one is a pain, the first few weeks the large will do the trick and then you switch to small when transitioning to Stage 2 Faja
  • 3-pack of Foams - Very important part of the suit up Butterfly M&D board - Most popular choice for the stiffness of the board
  • ABD Pads/Paper Tape - You will leak like a loud faucet at night…these absorb more than poise pads
  • 50-pack of Chux - Gotta protect what you are laying on
  • Oral Hygiene Kit - You still have to mind your hygiene
  • Perennial Wash - The peach will be sore and fragile, use this after BM to ensure you keep fresh
  • Female Urinal - P-ez makes a mess, our urinal withstood every test…Ha that rhymed. Hospital style and spout is suitable if your kitty is small, pretty or phat…you get the drift
  • Bottle of Dettol - heard of hibiclens, same active ingredient, cheaper price
  • Comfort BBL Bundle - 1 x Robe, 2 x Maxi dresses & 3 x Nightshirts