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BBL Pillow

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After having a BBL AKA Brazilian Butt Lift procedure you have a six to eight week period before you are able to sit or lay on your newly created peach.

A BBL pillow is an essential part of your post op recovery, for you will soon learn a few things when it comes to the first week of recovery:

  1. Your knees will take a beating with or without padding. Padding just makes it more easier to kneel longer.

  2. You will need to work on your upper body strength to pull your self up.

  3. A BBL pillow is essential to driving, sitting for shorter periods of time & will be needed on the plane for a more comfortable ride home.

*Pro tip - you can also kneel on the BBL pillow in short intervals without damaging the padding*

Our BBL Pillow is made with a 2 inch memory and polyurethane foam for added comfort, which in turns helps reduce the tension on the thighs and legs.

The pillows covering is made form a satin cotton stretch fabric that allows for easy removal for washing and sanitizing.

Don't sacrifice comfort while protecting your investment!