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          Why A Support System is Essential for your Recovery

Hey Beauties 

So you finally did it, you are heading to the flat side. Are you nervous yet, if you are just a little, I need you to understand that this journey that you are embarking on is one step closer to the new you!


Just because you decided to get your sexy back, you are going to loose a lot of friends and close family members that will be jealous, judgemental or downright not approving of YOUR decision.

This is why after you make your decision very discerning of whom you bring along your journey!


You are going to be physically & mentally drained. Knowing when you got on the plane you were leaving to do something for yourself, returning to reality can slow your healing especially when under a large amount of stress!

You want to ensure that the body is getting adequate rest, so having someone in the house that you can depend on will be one of the biggest burdens off your back.

Depending on your procedure for the first 4 weeks, you want to make sure that you are not doing anything to strenuous and not to mention you still may need help bathing if you are a #tummytuck patient.

Finding someone that you trust to take care of the house chores, the children and any other ad hoc projects will ensure once you start to feel better you will be at optimal health to continue taking over the world.

Mental Woes

Mentally your mind will play tricks on you from the first moment you look at yourself in the mirror! Don't let it...from the time you go into the OR and to the time you get back home, HAVE NO EXPECTATIONS! Do look for irregularities that doesn't seem normal BUT please wait until you are closer to the 3, 6, & 9 month mark. Those are the milestone months to pay attention to ensure whatever concerns you have your surgeon won't have much room to tell you to wait.

Pick one good good girl friend or man friend that if & when you experience post op blues, the sx emotional rollercoaster or just a plain ole meltdow; you have a shoulder that will allow you to process those feelings while helping to mentally build you up!


Post-Op Blues

Yes post-op blues does exist and is very real! This is another reason why having such a good support system once home is important. This is NOT to be taken likely just like postpartum blues.

This was one of the hardest decisions you have made in your life and your body being the temple it is, was just subjected to a form of abuse. It's bruised, swollen and misconfigured. Your brain doesn't realize that you openly & willingly decided to do this to the body. Chemically once your eyes register what is going on and sends the signal to the brain, the only thing it's screaming is 'YOU TOLD HARPO TO BEAT ME!"

Having that reassurance sometimes is all you need to talk you off the edge, which you will find yourself on constantly! 

You are here, You Matter!

YOU made this decision because you loved yourself & you valued how you looked. You got this beautie and even you think you don't, remember that in a few months you will see the change inside and out and radiate like the beautie you are!

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