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          When You Should Consider Bariatric Surgery before Plastic Surgery

We are all familiar with Dr. Nowzardan from the show my 600 lb life. He is the renowned bariatric surgeon hailing out of Houston, TX. 

Dr. Now is known for his 1200 calorie diet and showing people how they can loose upwards of 50lbs a month on said diet. 

With the trend of cosmetic surgery on a constant uptick year after year, you have surgeons who have traded in their years of education for attractive commissions; their main goal is to wheel you in and out of the OR in a factory fashion all for the sake of the mighty dollar.

With that trade the responsibility of ensuring your health and safety is diminished greatly. You have some clinics pushing you onto a table with a BMI of 45, taunting you and making you believe that it is possible to achieve your ...

"If you want to go home in a body bag...it's very possible!"

Typically you are a candidate for bariatric surgery when your BMI is between 35-40. 

I want you to keep a few factors in mind when you are deciding to go on cosmetic journey:

  1. Keep your health first & foremost. These surgeons are not going anywhere and you need to make sure that your body and organs can withstand the stress of surgery.
  2. Get a full blood work up to see if you have any underlying health problems.
  3. If your BMI is within the limits of bariatric surgery, have an honest discussion with yourself. See what habits you can incorporate and try to loose some weight first to lower your BMI. 
  4. GET ACTIVE. You can't burn fat sitting still and even though you may be going for a round of lipo, you have to remember that your surgeon can't lipo visceral fat. The more you work you do, the better foundation you give your surgeon.
  5. Bariatric Surgery may save your life, research the pro's & con's if you still find yourself struggling.

The higher your BMI means that you will more than likely be a candidate for a round 2 or 3, slower healing process and creates more stress on the body. Your health comes first and starting with bariatrics is sometimes the SAFEST option when considering plastics with a high BMI.


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