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Do you remember the nights that you sat up and scrolled Instagram until you felt you found the perfect surgeon?


The anxiety & anxiousness that built up to the day of surgery seems all worth it until you are about 1-3 days post-op, you find yourself asking "What in the HELL did I just do to my self?"


You see swelling following any trauma to the body such as surgery; depends on a few factors before and after you get on & off the surgeons table.


Follow these tips to ensure that you decrease the amount of inflammation, swelling & bruising you have after cosmetic surgery.


  1. Reduce your sodium intake.
  2. Dry Brush weekly up until the date of surgery.
  3. Exfoliate problem areas where you will be getting SX, ie. Buttocks, thighs, arms, flanks to create collagen and promote circulation.
  4. Consume a good probiotic


  1.  REST, REST, REST! The first few weeks be kind to your body and down when you feel the need. The body can only heal when resting.
  2. Cold compress. Don't be afraid to use ice packs on any area that is severely inflamed. Make sure if placing over open incisions to cover the area properly.
  3. Compression is KEY. Whether you are team faja or NO faja you still must find a way to COMFORTABLY compress.
  4. Keep your legs elevated & wear your compression stockings.
  5. Walk every hour the first month daily. NO EXCUSES!!!
  6. Continue your supplements or pick a good cellular healing multivitamin like this one.

So beauties where are our VETS? Drop some suggestions in the comments to help other SX beauties during this journey!

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