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          Cosmetic surgery tips during tax season

Good Morning Beauties,

So we all know that the IRS opens up on 2-12-21 and tax dollars will be rolling in within in a week. Most of you reading this are anticipating making your final decision in regard to surgeons and dropping your deposit to secure your date.


For a second and ask yourself if the surgeon you picked is in high demand. That will help you determine how many patients the surgeon will operate on daily, how well the OR will be sanitized daily AND in between patients. Most importantly you can gauge the infection rate by those two factors.

If your surgeon is one of the popular choices you want to make sure when booking your date that you ask for the earliest time slot available, inquire about sanitizing procedures and how many patients does the surgeon take a day. Those 3 questions are VERY important to lowering your risk of infection.


Consuming a probiotic attest six (6) months before your surgery will also play a pivotal part in lowering your chance of infection. Here is a great link to refer to learn more on how probiotics lower bacterial infections and how gut balance plays a part in keeping infection low.

L.acidophilus, - is one of the most documented strains that help with bacterial, viral and vaginal infections. 

"If taking Lactobacillus acidophilus Rosell-52 and Lactobacillus rhamnosus Rosell-11 consider taking them with breakfast. These two strains can be taken at the SAME time as your antibiotic. If taking a different probiotic supplement, wait at least 2 hours after your antibiotics before taking probiotics."

Be wise and vigilant between now and August, this will definitely be high time for infections and complications. Start taking a quality probiotic now like our Advanced Probiotic formula, cleanse your gut prior to surgery to ensure that your gut balance is in check. Check out our 15 Day Cleanse Kit to help jumpstart your journey to ensure you make it back home safe and in optimal health.

Until next time beauties...

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