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          Constipation Post Op is the Devil! Be Prepared with These Few Simple Tips.

If you are like many that are post-op and whom opted to depend on narcotics as a means of pain relief, I'm hear to tell you that one of the down sides is that constipation is a side effect that most aren't prepared for.

If you paid attention to the many lists that exist stool softeners are normally on the list.

Well, let me put the SX beauties on to something! You can actually sidestep this whole constipation fiasco by incorporating a few simple tricks into your recovery diet.

  1. Bypass those stool softeners and get some dried fried ie. apricots, prunes or raisins. OTC stool softeners known side effects are stomach cramping, nausea and can lead to dependency.*DO NOT EAT MORE THAN 5 DRIED APRICOTS A DAY FOR CONSTIPATION. EATING TOO MANY AT ONE TIME CAN CASUE FLATULENCE AND BLOATING.*
  2. Opt for CBD instead, no side effects, no dependencies and most importantly no constipation.
  3. Drink AT LEAST a gallon of water daily and walk every hour on the hour to keep your lymph system moving. Remember lymph fluid only moves with movement from YOU!

Keep in mind when you are post-op BBL or TT, fresh off the table, the last thing you want to deal with is disrobing from your faja and trying to throne the porcelain GOD either cow girl style or with your butt up in the air...CONSTIPATED.

You will already be in pain beautie, so make this experience easy like your stool should be and you will thank me a million times later.

Until next time beauties....xoxo

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