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          Are You Team RH or Air B&B? Let us Explain Why We Are Team Air B&B!

Hey Beauties,

It's high time, deposits are flying and its time to decide how are you going to be cared for post op!

You are scrolling IG and are reading horror story after horror story about the newest RH's, some old RH's and you are trying to figure how some RH's doors are still open.

I'm here to tell you...BELIEVE ALL THE STORIES YOU HEAR!

From experience and just accounting others experience, RH's are pooping up more frequently and the fact that all of them for the exception of three are licensed should tell you a lot!

Are RH's licensed in Miami?

Short answer NO! Recovery Houses in Miami are ILLEGAL. Most of these homes are skirting the limits of the law by staying off the radar. In order to have a licensed facility that is regulated by the State of Florida, it must be an ALS (Assistant Living Facility). 

Demographics play a big part in where RH are located. Most are located in seedy areas and offer no real security, exposing you to unknown dangers during recovery.

To search an address of an RH to see if they have been reported as an unlicensed RH click here.

All-Inclusive RH - Is it a scam?

Recovery Homes especially in Miami have to constantly find creative way to keep money in-house, not only have they underpriced your stay, they more tan likely shorted your diet needs and some the basic necessities such as water.

Let me break this down for you right quick:

New RH's on the block pricing

Cost of stay - $150 / $180 per day

Cost to feed you three meals daily  - $75 - $100 daily

Basic supplies (they provide) - $50 daily


Massages - $80 average price for one massage

Estimated cost for 5 days... $1800 - $2100

All inclusive prices now take all of this into account and try to add on supply packages to make it easy to where you just travel with your pocketbook. Seems ingenious right? 


Since one popular RH started this trend, all the others followed and what happened was beauties were jumping on the plane with just their pocketbooks and forced to spend extra money when they arrived because supplies weren't available. 

"You get what you pay for, so are you paying for quality or quantity?"

These recovery homes are good for advertising that they only accept a minimum of dolls, only for you to get there and the house is jammed packed, understaffed and short on food.

Why We Are Team AirB&B

From my own personal experience I would never want anyone to go through what I went through. My RH owner was a pill head that was running on E...literally! She provided a beautiful location that was dysfunctional in some many ways! 

Towards the end of my stay I vowed that I would never do another RH and would rather the comfort of my own quarters, where I controlled the noise, regulated what I ate and knew that my safety was in my own hands instead of someone who was only in it for the money.

Having someone qualified checking my vitals, knowing if I was in distress gives me a better peace of mind!

In an RH you most times have a caregiver that is responsible for checking vitals, cooking, cleaning and taking care of dolls. You will find 1 caregiver to 5-10 dolls and in that rare moment you don't want to be subjected to your needs not being met.

With an Air B&B you vet the nurse who will essentially take care of you, ensure all your vitals are normal and can immediately detect if you are in distress.

Some nurses even offer light meal prep and laundry services to give you a more personalized experience making this journey more enjoyable.

Below are a few IG accounts I want you beauties to follow if you are considering an AIR B&B/Hotel in the Miami area:




I personally vouch for these three nurses personally as I have developed a relationship with all three and have over three years seen their work speak for themselves.

We actually created the Nurse Grant Recovery Box for those that are traveling to AirB&B/Hotels. These pre made recovery packages are ideal for those that are confused on exactly what they need and without the need of overpacking. Each item in the NG Recovery Box are essential for your recovery and will be used during your stay while in Miami.

Wooosah that was a lot of information I gave you guys. Until next time beauties!


Don't forget to drop a comment and let us know if you are Team Rh or Team AirB&B!

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