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Nurse G Recovery (Airbnb/Hotel Recovery) Beautie Box

Compression sock size

You may have heard some horror stories about Recovery homes and have opted to go with an Air B&B/ Hotel and just bring someone along to help.

You have either contracted Nurse Grant herself or another awesome nurse in the community and now have to prepare for your trip. Is your anxiety kicking in yet?

Well, let us help you release a sigh of relief…the only thing you need to do is create a shopping list to go grocery shopping once you get to your final destination.

The Nurse G Beautie Box was created by non other than Nurse G herself and we just sprinkled some iHeal love to complete the box.

This beautie box includes the following products:

  • 2 x Shower Curtains - Do you know what a mattress incidental cost looks like on your CC? Well if you don’t lets keep it that way…this goes on the mattress itself and is the bottom layer.
  • 1 x Robe
  • 2 x Nightshirts
  • 2 x Maxi Dresses
  • One bar of Dial soap - This non negotiable soap will help keep bacteria at bay
  • Two Seamless Camisoles - You will cry if you wear your faja without one
  • 50-pack of Chux - this will go on top of the shower curtain
  • ABD Pads/Paper Tape - You will leak like a loud faucet at night…these absorb more than poise pads
  • Two Pairs of Compression Socks (15 - 30 mmHg) - Very important to wear post op, We don’t want you to develop an PE 
  • 4oz iHealOG Body Butter - helps calm inflammation, pain and is beneficial for post op massages, how high is your pain tolerance?
  • 1 x Ab board - Foam padded or M&D options
  • 3-pack of Foams - Very important part of the suit up
  • 1 x Sample Pack of Tide Detergent - You have to wash your Faja, these pods are convenient and eco friendly
  • 2 x Bottles of Hydrogen Peroxide - Not for wounds, this will get all that fluid and blood out of Faja