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Just Got Tucked Beautie Box

“I’ve tucked you for the last time belly”

It’s time, it may even feel like de-ja-vu when you first picked your surgeon. Looking at incision lines, asking numerous questions about wound and scar therapy, then you get your 30 day email to go get your labs…surreal right.

Tummy tucks are a bit more intricate in procedure and the recovery time is longer than your average procedure.

To take the stress away from you, we decided to consult some of the OG’s to determine the essential items to help you recover.

Your first three days will probably be the roughest depending on your ability to handle pain. So your investment in the Just Got Tucked bundle will ensure you recover comfortably and quickly to get you back to optimal health.

This beautie box includes each of the following items unless otherwise stated:

  • SOS Serum - Needed for scar therapy as soon as you start scabbing
  • 4oz iHeal OG Body Butter - Helps calm inflammation, pain and is beneficial for post op massages
  • 6oz Pouch of iHeal Inflammation Herbal Tea Blend - You will pee but know that every time you do, fluid is coming off the new body
  • iHeal Probiotic - Hopefully you read the instruction card and protected your gut before surgery
  • Pack of disposable wipes - If you are in DR the water is not so great to clean incisions with… use these instead to clean your body around your incisions
  • Saline Wash - Wound care is very important, this is the safest thing to use
  • Zip up Robe/ 2 Nightshirts/1 Maxi Dress- You want to be comfortable and warm, plus its like wearing a natural hug
  • One pair of compression socks (15 - 30 mmHg) -Very important to wear post op, We don’t want you to develop an PE

  • One ab board - Black Foam padded M&D Ab Board

  • 3-pack of foams - Very important part of the suit up
  • Box of ABD pads/Paper Tape - You will leak like a loud faucet at night…these absorb more than poise pads
  • 50-pack of Chux - Gotta protect what you are laying on
  • Bottle of Dettol - Heard of hibiclens, same active ingredient, cheaper price
  • Perennial wash - Remember we told you about the water…protect the cat & the peach
  • Female Urinal - Thank us later, especially when standing straight is not an option. P-EZ is not as easy when you have a fat cat…lol