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Rejuvenate Skin Care Set

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If you can recall one week in the past month that you wanted to escape the throes of being a wife, mother, now teacher, cook and so forth, just know beautie, you are not alone.

The demands of life can beat and wear on us - Rejuvenate was created for those exact moments!

You know, the moment you decide to love on yourself just a little bit extra with a hot steaming herbal bath, a good book or some music, a glass of wine and you just slip into a land of being carefree.

The detoxifying effects that you get from the Rejuvenate Bath Salts will not only take that heavy load of but have you emerging feeling fresh and ready to conquer that mounting to do list.

After rinsing off the flowers, you will now slather the Rejuvenate Body Butter all over your body, paying special attention to any spots that feel like they need a little extra loving. 

Hand crafted with love and healing, the effects of this set will be felt for many mornings to come.  You will find yourself sneaking off to Rejuvenate at every chance you get... Enjoy Beautie!


Each set contains: (1) 4 oz Rejuvenate Body Butter and (1) 4 oz Rejuvenate Herbal Bath Salt