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Rejuvenate Beautie Box V- Day Special

Complete with the Rejuvenate Set, this kit also includes our famous 5 oz. Coffee & Turmeric brightening bar and our signature exfoliating scrub for a spa like experience.

Imagine soaking in your Herbal Bath, and massaging and exfoliating your skin at the same time?  As you rinse off the dead skin, you uncover a more a more polished and refreshed version.  The prongs on the soap are ideal for kneading out any tense knots in your body while lightening any dark spots, producing an even skin tone.

iHeal Beautie Box makes for a perfect gift - for your friend, mother, aunt or cousin.  It's a great way of showing the women in your life that you love them and it's time to check in with themselves for a little self love.