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Beautie Recovery Packages

Hey Beautie, You did it!

You took that painstaking moment, threw caution to the wind and decided that you want to look like that wish pic; that you secretly have been looking at in your phone for the last year. Sigh a breath of relief, because its happening, you just solidified that!

Wipe the sweat from your forehead, roll up your sleeves and lets help prepare you for this emotional ride that you just paid admission to!

If you are new to this journey picking the right supplies without overpacking can seem daunting. Watching everybody’s social media doesn’t help either. That's why we took the time, effort and did the research for items that are ABSOLUTELY necessary for your new body -ody-ody-ody…lol, regardless of your procedure.

Peruse the options below…if you don’t see what you need scroll a little further and pick the options that you need. STILL NOT SOLD…then head over to the chat feature and let one of our trusted beautie advisors help answer any questions that you have.

OG Peach Deluxe Beautie Box
OG Peach Deluxe Beautie Box $380.00
Just Got Tucked Beautie Box
Just Got Tucked Beautie Box $340.00