CBD for Post Operative Recovery following Cosmetic Surgery

CBD for Post Operative Recovery following Cosmetic Surgery

Why You Should Choose CBD!

Have you ever heard of CBD? Yes!!! Well great…now for those that have not heard of CBD let me educate you a bit.
CBD for Post Operative Recovery following Cosmetic Surgery

For those traveling or have traveled to Miami know that the laws have changed and the amount of narcotics given for recovery has been reduced to a total of 12 pills.

I can’t say that I blame the lawmakers for this small yet monumental change due to the increase in opioid addiction and overdose.

Thats where CBD comes in! We now have a option available that talks to our endocannoboid system and can relive you from the likes of chronic pain, inflammation, anxiety and more. The healing properties are endless and with research you can actually start to live a pain free life away from Big Pharma’s hold.

As we all know having cosmetic surgery can wreak havoc on your body and causes inflammation to the parts the body operated on. In the cosmetics world we are constantly hearing about ways to combat the inflammation and preventive measures to take.

What if we told you that taking CBD oil at least 2 days before surgery can prepare the body for the inflammation that will almost immediately occur after surgery.

What if we also told you that most of our customers that have bought our CBD products barely used any narcotics for their post op recovery.

Quality CBD should not be confused for hemp oil. There are a lot of fake or watered down brands on the market. You should be able to request or see a full third party lab report on the CBD oil or gummies that you are purchasing.

For instance, if you where you are purchasing from can’t produce a third party lab report then we recommend finding another reputable retailer to purchase from.

When you purchase from iHeal SX know that you are getting fresh from a farm in Colorado straight to your doorstep!

Ok Guys here is where you can ask questions and receive responses about any and all questions related to this blog post.

Happy Healing Loves

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