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          To Fluff or Not to Fluff...Is it All Hype?

You dropped over 10K to have the peach of your dreams, now 3 weeks have passed and you are feeling discouraged. Your peach is not looking as round and plump from when you first got off the table.

Feed the fat they say, eat healthy fats, and still, you are losing volume (insert scream here)!

Fun Fact

You will lose at least 30% of transferred fat REGARDLESS of what you do! Blame it on gravity and science.

The fluff fairy as it is so eloquently called, is a combination of eating the correct fats, grains, and proteins, ensuring that you are not exercising too soon, and being patient while your newly placed fat settles.

Exercising too soon will kill newly placed fat quicker than raid will a bug. The fat has to be able to settle in the body, in its newly placed area, and allow the body to absorb or reject the fat. The part that is rejected will die off, killing those fat cells and in turn, is where you see a loss of volume or projection.

A BBL surgery is the one surgery where immediately post-op you don't have to stress about being on a strict diet. You are allowed donuts, ice cream, and any other goodies (IN MODERATION) to help multiply the fat cells.

Some products on the market proclaim to increase the size, be diligent in researching the ingredients, and see what exactly the ingredients do to help increase your bum size.

So Who Is the Fluff Fairy?

The fluff fairy is the result of what you did the previous six months during recovery. If you ate correctly, exercised moderately closer to your 4-6 month mark, and relied on lean proteins, you will meet this infamous fluff fairy in all her glory.

The question remains when the fluff fairy shows, will that still leave you greedy for another round?





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