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          Dry Brushing 101; The Benefits of Dry Brushing Pre-Op

Hey Beautie

After contemplating and researching your surgeon, you have finally decided on your procedure, right?!?!?

You have opted for #Lipo360 and possibly a #bblsurgery. From that very moment you have paid your deposit, now is the time to pay your skin a little more attention than normal

Why u ask? Well, first you want to get the circulation in your body uuum circulating lol. When you have proper circulation present in the body it helps to facilitate a healing environment because that means oxygen is flowing!

Dry brushing is a form of  light exfoliation, very gently removing dead skin cells, polishing, detoxing the body and moving those toxins & fluids to the lymph system.  

Dry brushing diagram showing how to push fluids towards lymph nodes

"Dry brushing with a quality oil and exfoliating should begin immediately. Especially if you suffer from dry skin!"

Skin Woes

If you suffer from loose elasticity, poor circulation, or loose/sagging skin, dry brushing and exfoliating should done weekly to help tighten the skin. Collagen loss happens to both men & women especially after the age of 30. Both loose 1% of collagen yearly after the 30 year mark.

It is recommended to dry brush daily but if you have very sensitive skin you might want to opt for 3 x's a week. Never dry brush over broken, irritated or damaged skin. It will only exacerbate the situation.

You also want to use a quality essential oil or oil blend that have medicinal properties to help aid in the dry brushing such as the following:

Juniper Berry contains diuretic properties that reduce fluid retention while its antioxidant properties stimulate the circulation of blood and the lymph system to help the body clear out waste.

Geranium - has the ability to help stimulate circulation and support the lymphatic system.

To Help Tone Skin Use These Oils:

Grapefruit - contains bromelain, an anti-inflammatory enzyme that can help promote circulation and support skin health.

Lemongrass - Refreshing & energizing this oil helps with toning skin.

To Help Stimulate The Skin:

Coffee - contains a small amount of caffeine that energizes and stimulates the body.

Rosemary - is a natural astringent that has diuretic & circulating properties.


Essential oil blends for dry brushing

Enjoy this oil blend chart courtesy of Hello Glow!

Until next time beauties... drop a comment below and let us know which blend you will be choosing!


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