Love on 26 LLC is a company whose philosophy is everything is built on “Love”. It is the universal language free of judgement. 

iHeal SX is our sister company that was created for our “dolls” (non gender specific) that have either transitioned from the weight loss, gastric bypass, gastric sleeve, cosmetic surgery community or for overall general health; free from man made pharmaceuticals.

Our CBD products come from an organic and certified farm in Colorado, extracted in the highest Co2 form. 

All of our products contain either full spectrum or isolate form of CBD. 

that authenticates the percentage of CBD found in each product.

iHeal SX believes in a natural and organic way of living. Where we are dependent on our natural resources to heal healthily. 

Through loving yourself holistically; your mind body and soul will reward you eternally.

Welcome to Love on 26/iHeal SX where we create experiences, educate and remind you why loving yourself first is essential to a long & happy life.